“I immediately applied Don’s concepts to a presentation I was giving the following week.
His way of presenting this material is logical, easy to grasp, and he models what he teaches.”

~ Deidre J. Edwards

Presentation Skills Training

Ever attended an AWFUL presentation? Was it yours? Don teaches the skills needed to ensure your presentations are effective and impactful!

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Speaker Coaching

Important presentation coming up? Work with Don one-on-one to perfect your speech content and practice your skills. You — and your audience — will be glad you did!

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Have questions about public speaking? Visit Don’s blog often to find interesting, helpful public speaking articles that you can use to improve your speaking skills.

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Public Speaking Book

Don has created an excellent road map for inexperienced, infrequent, or ineffective business presenters with his book, “From Awful to Awesome: 9 Essential Tools for Effective Presentations.”

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Don’s List of Clients Includes…


“I put Mr. Franceschi’s suggestions to the test this past weekend with a
presentation I was giving to a large audience in Seattle. For the first time,
since becoming a public speaker, I felt at ease with the flow of my talk.
But, more than this, the audience response affirmed
the effectiveness of the techniques.”

~ Marie O’Neill, Padma Life Coaching

From the Public Speaking Blog

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