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Here’s what others are saying about Don Franceschi’s new book,
From Awful to Awesome: 9 Essential Tools for Effective Presentations:

“Through his book, Don Franceschi is your personal trainer, mentor and coach. Using his 9 essential tools, From Awful to Awesome provides practical, digestible guidance and how-to’s for delivering powerful presentations.  Rich in personal stories and examples, Don’s insights are helpful to beginners and experienced presenters alike.  If you want permission to go ahead and ‘wing it’ as a speaker, you won’t find that here.  If you want practical, specific and valuable steps to take your presentations from ho-hum to inspirational, then read From Awful to Awesome!”

Sue Haun, Consultant ~ Strategies By Design

“If you gave powerful presentations, what would it mean for you at work?
Don Franceschi has created a simple path for success with the tips,
tricks, and techniques you need to go From Awful to Awesome!”

Ray Engan

FROM AWFUL TO AWESOME is a wonderful mix of practical how-to’s and what-not-to-do’s, personal stories, and easy to remember tips for success — a must-read for all nervous presenters. It’s well organized with a logical flow that will give readers a place to start and a clear map to follow as they progress. My favorite part of Don’s book is the very affable ‘voice’ that is authentically his — warm, funny, self-effacing, caring, and service oriented.”

Cate Griffiths, Executive Director
RECOURSE Mediation Services

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